Seaweed Salad     5.95
Spring Salad      Ginger or miso dressing   3.95
Grilled Chicken Salad    Spring mix, carrots, tomatoes & grilled chicken breast   8.95
Cucumber Sunomono     Thinly sliced cucumbers, sweet vinegar dressing & sesame seeds   4.50
Salmon Skin Salad     Crispy salmon skin, spring mix in ponzu sauce & chili oil.   7.95
Sashimi Salad     Spring mix, tuna, salmon, albacore & yellowtail with yuzu wasabi dressing   13.95
Seared Tuna Salad (6 pieces)     Seared tuna sashimi, spring mix with wasabi soy dressing  12.95

Sashimi Specials (6 pieces)

Seared Salmon Belly Special      Topped with red onions & yuzu soy   11.50
Yellowtail Jalapeno Carpaccio         In ponzu soy topped with jalapenos   11.00
Seared Tuna Sashimi     Seasoned with a spicy dry rub then seard    11.50
White Fish Carpaccio    Tai sashimi topped with yuzu koshu, kiwi & soy sauce   11.50
Octopus Carpaccio     Topped with yuzu koshu, ponzu, salt, lemon & live oil   9.80
Crispy Albacore Sashimi     In ponzu sauce topped with crispy onions   11.50

Signature Dishes

Sakura    Japanese scallop, uni, ikura &  crispy shitake topped with yuzu soy   12.95
Crispy Rice        Spicy tuna on topped of crispy rice with spicy mayo, eel sauce & jalapenos   9.00
Ceviche    Fresh sashimi diced & tossed with a spicy yuzu sauce, served with crispy wontons   9.50